By King Akan (@kingakan)

Aure video by Morell directed by creative genius Moe Musa is a body of art that has the charm of a Monalisa and the brilliance of a Picasso. Colourful is the simplest description that comes to mind as words seem insufficient to describe it.Aure

The video which was shot in Kano prides in its rich cultural representation and reflection – the props, the costumes, scenery. When last did you see a Nigerian music video with horses or ancient buildings? No these things no longer exist, they are extinct, long been replaced by Ferrari’s, bottles of champagne, and girls of all sizes shaking their behinds.

Yes it’s a love song. Yes there is a girl. But Aure video is different from your quintessential Nigerian love video. There is no rejection from in-laws or the lady in pursuit to later end in acceptance.

Originality is another word that comes to mind, even Morell’s dab in the video is fresh. The acting was also real, one would actually believe Morell and the beautiful model used were true lovers. There was a chemistry between them (clears throat). For those that don’t know, Morell read Creative Arts and majored in Theatre Arts so it’s not hard to know where his acting skills came from.

When you are opportune to watch Aure video by Morell, these words will pop up in your thoughts: original, natural, and cultural. An obvious strength of the Aure video is its cultural abundance. Yes there are many videos which reflect our culture and tradition but none has been told in these narratives. What they lack is ideas; what Moe Musa and Morell boast of in Aure.

Morell’s Debut Album

Nordan Ortty is set to release Morell’s debut album titled ‘Musa Jikan Musa’  (Musa the grandson of Musa) with amazing collaborations,and super talented producers  the body of work is impeccable And we can’t wait to share the fresh Morell sound with the rest of the world. Release date to be announced soon.